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DejaView Photos

Optional Services

DejaView Photos offers a number of additional services to enhance and customize your photographs and documents.

Composite & Collage               Colorize & Painting                Poster, Special Projects & Digital Scrapbook



Photo Colorizing enhances a black-and-white picture with an overall color tone or spot coloring for a unique hand-tinted or antique look. Note that there is no attempt to create a modern color photo; color is used to enhance the atmosphere of the image.

Point your cursor to an image to view the larger colorized images.



Turn a favorite photo into a beautiful painting or drawing! Standard painting size is 11 x 14 inches; other sizes are available.


Sample 1 was created from a wedding photograph. A painterly technique was applied to a scanned image, giving it the appearance of a painting.

Sample 2 shows an illustration created from an old newspaper photo. Since there were few details in the original, it was posterized and colored.