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DejaView Photos

Optional Services

DejaView Photos offers a number of additional services to enhance and customize your photographs and documents.

Composite & Collage               Colorize & Painting                Poster, Special Projects & Digital Scrapbook



Have a photo reproduced as a large-format Poster. Liven up a birthday party with posters of the guest-of-honor in younger days. Or decorate a child's room with posters of friends or pets.

Our standard poster size is 11 x 17 inches. The large poster is
13 x 19 inches. Custom size orders can be requested (up to 35 inches wide).

Please note that photos can only be enlarged so much without loss of quality in the image. The size and sharpness of the original are the determining factors. We'd be happy to suggest a size based on your original.


Special Projects

Time for a special gathering or reunion of family, college friends, military buddies, or business associates? Let us create a memorable poster or keepsake for the event.


Digital Scrapbook

Assemble your photos, captions, and stories in a PDF file. We can create a PDF to share, view, and print with free Adobe Reader software.

Make a slide show of your photos. The HTML web files can be viewed from the CD with a web browser. Or you can upload the files to a personal web site.

If your order includes a minimum of 20 photos, HTML web files are automatically included on the CD archive.

The PDF or HTML files are included with your project on your CD archive, can also be saved on separate CDs for gift-giving.