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Optional Services

DejaView Photos offers a number of additional services to enhance and customize your photographs and documents.

Composite & Collage               Colorize & Painting                Poster, Special Projects & Digital Scrapbook



A Composite combines or extracts elements from several sources to create a new image. For example, Uncle Oscar can be added to a photo of a family gathering he didn't attend. Mom and Dad can be placed in front of the family castle. A wide-eyed Jim can replace a blinking Jim on the reunion photo.

Point your cursor to an image to view the parts of the composite.



A Photo Collage of several images can show important events in a life or a family history, a great memento for a birthday or reunion. Beautiful memorial collages can be shared with family and friends. Collages can be a collection of individual pictures or blended together in an artistic composition.

Point your cursor to an image to view a larger version of the collage.