DejaView Photos can restore your old photos if you have …

old, faded or damaged photographs that need restoration …

antique photos or documents that everyone in the family wants …

great old photos of the gang to show off and share at your next reunion …

to preserve and display all your favorite old family photos.

For keepsakes of your family history or a digital archive of your old photos and documents, DejaView Photos Digital Photo Restoration can provide you with quality pictures to share with family and friends. Besides the restoration of old or damaged photos, we colorize photos, even modern ones, for an old-fashioned hand-tinted look. Photos can be combined into a collage, or edited to adjust people or backgrounds. We can also assemble your photos as PDF or HTML files for computer viewing and web sharing.

Our prints are made from digital restorations of your scanned photos. The original photographs are not harmed or altered in any way. The restored images are printed on high-quality printers using archival inks and papers.

Check our Restoration and Options pages for descriptions of our services: photo restoration; economical scanning and restoration of large numbers of photographs; photo enhancements — colorizing, compositing, and collaging. See before-and-after examples of photo restorations, collages, retouched photos, composited and colorized photographs. See the Special Project, Painting, and Poster examples to imagine the beautiful keepsake we can create for a special birthday, celebration, or reunion. Visit our Photo Gallery to see slide shows of completed projects.

If you are not comfortable mailing your original photos, we can work from your scanned photos. See our Scanning Guidelines, then upload your files with the E-mail Order Form or mail the files on disk with the Print Order Form.

Your Archive includes three files of each of your digital photo restorations:

  • one Web-ready JPG to email or post,
  • one desktop-quality file to print from your computer, and
  • one professional-quality file for use in publications.

An archive of 20 or more images includes a browser preview file for viewing your photos with any web browser software.

Our Basic Service package includes:

  • Up to 10 scanned images
  • One 8×10 print of each scan
  • An archive of three files for each scanned image:
    • Web-ready file to email or post (low resolution JPEG)
    • Desktop printer file (medium resolution TIF)
    • Professional quality file (high resolution TIF)

The Basic Service package includes up to ten photos, drawings, or documents. For more than ten, each grouping of ten or less counts as one package. An order of 20 or more includes a preview file for viewing in any browser.

Each image is sharpened, straightened, and cropped as part of the Basic Service. See our Restoration and Options pages for retouching and other customization choices.

Basic Services images

Single Photo Special

A great way to try out our services is with our Single Photo Special. Order any of our services for one photo, with or without the archive. We’re sure you’ll love the results!

If your picture requires only our Basic Service treatment:

  • Receive a print and the archive of three files for $30.00.
  • Or choose an e-mailed Web file for $15.00.

If your picture requires one or more of our Optional Services:

  • Receive a print and the archive of three files for $20.00 plus the optional service cost.
  • Or choose an e-mailed Web file for $10.00 plus the optional service cost.
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